Our Advantage

Local Footprint

Connect Ventures is based in Faisalabad, and we have a clear advantage of home ground when it comes to organize anything.

Market Knowledge

Our team has spent over 20 years in this market, we have been a part of its inception to current state and throughout the evolution.

Access to Market

We have association and alliances with all major stakeholders, we are in good relations with local companies and institutions.


We got it all, from organizing a local fireside chat to an international business road show, our team is fully equipped with right resources.


Network is very important for all ecosystem stakeholders. Our network is strongly knitted with local, national and international associates.


Best of our advantages is the impact we have already created in our region, our efforts has developed a fine and emerging ecosystem. 

Partner with us

If you are an organization looking forward to include Faisalabad in your next event, to help startups or to promote activities related to entrepreneurship, we can collaborate for good.