IBM Cloud Credits for Startups

Startup with IBM is designed for startups and scale-ups with or without funding.

Join and start building with a customized offer based on your needs. Choose to build with US$1,000 of IBM Cloud credits per month for 12 months, or US$3,000 of IBM Cloud credits per month for six months. As you scale, you can upgrade to $10,000 in monthly credits. Please review program application criteria below:

  • Your revenue in the last 12 months is less than $15M USD
  • Your startup is privately held and has been in business for fewer than 10 years
  • You are new to IBM Cloud (non-paying IBM Cloud customer)
  • You are a verifiable entity and company must operate a public website on their domain.
  • You can apply for an upgrade to $10,000/month in credits if:
  • You are in an accredited VC, accelerator or incubator and
  • You are using more than half of your initial credits
  • Funding information must be verifiable

What You will Get

  • Up to $120,000 of free IBM Cloud credits
  • Code patterns to jumpstart development
  • Technical help from IBM’s architects and developer advocates
  • IBM and Red Hat certification support
  • Marketplace onboarding support
  • Co-marketing and sales enablement support

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