Research Projects


We are working on development of Pakistan’s 1st Nano Satellite Startup “CONNECT SPACE”. The term “nanosatellite” or “nanosat” is applied to an artificial satellite with a wet mass between 1 and 10 kg (2.2 and 22.0 lb). As of August 2021 Over 1600 nanosatellites have been launched in Space. Our team is focused to design and launch a series of Nano Satellites in lower earth orbit to monitor air quality, analyze weather conditions, temperature, humidity and different other parameters.


Metapur is at concept stage, we are working on a 3D Metaverse focused to cater the needs of people who are seeking a place to build their dream properties with options and facilities which are not affordable or available to them in reality.

Owner of a property will be able to design, develop, sale, purchase assets in Metapur and even can hire resources to build their properties. Metapur will be available for general public access in last quarter of 2022.